About Us

DERMAX - Directly from nature

DERMAX, is the 100% natural cream that comes from the Rhodope mountains, the mountainous region of Orpheus and other mythological beings and which lies between Bulgaria and Greece. Its perfect location and weather conditions, combined with the crystal clear water of its rivers and lakes, and its wealth of flora and fauna, make it one of the largest natural paradises in the world.

As well the Rhodopes enjoy an ancient medical tradition, that different civilizations, Romans, Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians, Thracians, among others, have been using their healing properties for centuries.

DERMAX, following this ancient healing tradition, is prepared with a unique recipe of natural active components – beeswax, pine resin, white rubber, marigold extract, lavender and basil, which has been passed from generation to generation over the years. Besides, the products used in the elaboration are 100% natural of the highest quality and collected directly from nature.

DERMAX is the essential product you need to have a always a strong, beautiful and healthy skin!