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DERMAX - Directly from nature

DERMAX, is the 100% natural cream that comes from the Rhodope mountains, the mountainous region of Orpheus and other mythological beings and which lies between Bulgaria and Greece. Its perfect location and weather conditions, combined with the crystal clear water of its rivers and lakes, and its wealth of flora and fauna, make it one of the largest natural paradises in the world.

As well the Rhodopes enjoy an ancient medical tradition, that different civilizations, Romans, Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians, Thracians, among others, have been using their healing properties for centuries.

DERMAX, following this ancient healing tradition, is prepared with a unique recipe of natural active components - beeswax, pine resin, white rubber, marigold extract, lavender and basil, which has been passed from generation to generation over the years. Besides, the products used in the elaboration are 100% natural of the highest quality and collected directly from nature.

DERMAX is the essential product you need to have a always a strong, beautiful and healthy skin!



How to apply Dermax for maximum effect?

1. Everyday use
As a universal cream for every skin type. Apply massaging gently on the clean and dried skin.
2. Special use I
Special use I - Apply massaging gently on skin after bathing or cleaning the area of treatment two times or more (recommended) per day.
3.Special use II - The making of plaster is needed:
Pour the content of one jar of Dermax in thermal container and heat it till the cream becomes liquid, dip a piece of clean cotton cloth (sheeting, flanellet; about 20cm long) and pull it out when it has soaked enough of the substance. Cut the cloth into a piece that will cover the area of treatment, put it on, cover it with several layers of cloth or gauze and fasten with bandage or sticking plaster. The bandage should be light in weight. Keep the unused plaster in cool place in polyethylene bag or suitable box. Change the plaster at least two times a day during the treatment. Keep in cool places away of heat and sunlight.
Starage of cosmetic cream Dermax:
Keep in cool places away of heat and sunlight.


  • gallery 1
  • Alberto Cervera

    European Champion Beach Handball

    At first I used Dermax in the soles and heel as they were very dry and dehydrated. I had cracks and breaks in the skin, especially after training and competing in the sand. Using Dermax I noticed immediate relief and soon it healed all wounds. Since then I use Dermax daily as a moisturizer and skin regenerator.

  • gallery 2
  • Nathalia Gonzalez


    A friend recommended me Dermax and I was quite interested, since I was a little tired of industrial type of products and creams, and this one is 100% natural. I used Dermax to eliminate bruises and little burns I had and the result was very satisfactory. I'm really happy with it and always travel with one Dermax in my bag.

  • gallery 3
  • Stefani Gacheva

    Bulgarian Equestry Champion

    During my workouts, which take place outdoors and in direct contact with the sunlight, my skin leads to dehydration and burning specially the face. My daily therapy Dermax fully hydrates my skin and I regain the sense of freshness and comfort in my face skin. The best part is that I am completely confident that if the cream gets over my horse Forever, he will be protected, considering 100% natural ingredients of the cream. Dermax is a unique product that is an indispensable part of my daily life and recommend it to anyone who is involved in equestrian sports or any other outdoor sports.

  • gallery 4
  • Elena Petrova


    I have very sensitive skin and when mosquitoes or other insects bite me, the whole area of the bite swells and itches for days. I was advised to use Dermax and I was amazed by the effect it had on my skin. Just minutes after applying the cream on the affected area, it calmed my skin, reducing the swelling and the ting dessapears.

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