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Straight from nature

Dermax cosmetics have been refined over the years to reach you today and ensure healthy and beautiful skin for a long time. The products are not a combination of carefully selected, pure natural ingredients that provide your skin with everything you need.

Having started with one extremely efficient product, today, the successors of the family expand the company and create several pure natural products, which help the beauty and the health of your skin.


Straight from nature
Made by experts

100% pure natural products, Alcohol-free


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More than 1000+ Loyal Customers
Alberto Cervera
European Beach Handball Champion
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I used Dermax to treat my feet and heels because my skin was dehydrated. I used to have cracks and cuts on my skin after training and beach tournaments.
Stefania Gacheva
Republican Horse Racing Champion
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I usually train in the open air, where I am exposed directly to the sun, which leads to skin dehydration and sunburn, mainly on my face.
Elena Petrova
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I’ve got hyper-sensitive skin, and when mosquitos or other insects bite me, my whole skin swells and becomes itchy for a couple of days. A friend advised me to use Dermax, and I was pleasantly surprised by its effect.


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