DERMAX - 100% натурален козметичен крем

Alberto Cervera

European Champion Beach Handball

At first I used Dermax in the soles and heel as they were very dry and dehydrated. I had cracks and breaks in the skin, especially after training and competing in the sand. Using Dermax I noticed immediate relief and soon it healed all wounds. Since then I use Dermax daily as a moisturizer and skin regenerator.

Stefani Gacheva

Bulgarian Equestry Champion

During my workouts, which take place outdoors and in direct contact with the sunlight, my skin leads to dehydration and burning specially the face. My daily therapy Dermax fully hydrates my skin and I regain the sense of freshness and comfort in my face skin. The best part is that I am completely confident that if the cream gets over my horse Forever, he will be protected, considering 100% natural ingredients of the cream. Dermax is a unique product that is an indispensable part of my daily life and recommend it to anyone who is involved in equestrian sports or any other outdoor sports.

DERMAX - 100% натурален козметичен крем
DERMAX - 100% натурален козметичен крем

Elena Petrova


I have very sensitive skin and when mosquitoes or other insects bite me, the whole area of the bite swells and itches for days. I was advised to use Dermax and I was amazed by the effect it had on my skin. Just minutes after applying the cream on the affected area, it calmed my skin, reducing the swelling and the ting dessapears.

DERMAX - 100% натурален козметичен крем

Nathalia Gonzalez


A friend recommended me Dermax and I was quite interested, since I was a little tired of industrial type of products and creams, and this one is 100% natural. I used Dermax to eliminate bruises and little burns I had and the result was very satisfactory. I’m really happy with it and always travel with one Dermax in my bag.

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